Thursday, April 29, 2010

3... 2... 1...

Ok, so let's start the show; because I am going crazy over some giveaways I just found.

Paper Pastries is having multiple giveaways
so for a chance to win a 5 everyday greeting cards from Rock, Scissor, Paper go --> HERE
for a pack of 5 greeting cards from Dee & Lala go --> HERE
or for your chance on a pack of 9 greeting cards from Power + Light Press go --> HERE

In other multiple giveaways news, The Bright Side has really cool things up to grab:
a $65 gift certificate from Jen Zahigian Photography --> HERE
a $100 gift certificate from House of PlumRed --> HERE
a round zipper pouch from Charm Design --> HERE
a Make a Wish necklace from Dogeared --> HERE
a 8″x10″ image from Myan Campbell-Zurek --> HERE
a notecard set from Mae Mae --> HERE

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