Monday, April 12, 2010

If you like cool, like I do: Yokoo!

She sells scarf (at Etsy of course: HERE). But she is not your typical scarf selling gal (if there is such a thing) Yokoo is just classy fashion. She is soft (like wool), crazy cute and in an abstract way rather … well… normal.

She has been featured in plenty of magazines (both in print and online) so I did not make this obscure discovery, she is known; no doubt about it. But I just had to do a post about her, I envy her cool ways. She is just there, in her pictures; nothing but her thin frame, her large glasses, a wall and about twenty pounds of hand knitted yarn*.

I found her six or seven months ago thanks to Flickr and I have been idolizing her photostream ever since. I have the biggest crush on her things. Love the big hats and those chain scarves; if I had money (which I don’t) I would definitely give myself a Yokoo birthday gift. Someday, someday you will see, I WILL be the coolest chic on the block with a big (huge) purple scarf and a pom-pom hat, you’ll see.

*I have no real idea of the weight, but they do look heavy.

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