Monday, April 19, 2010

I adore awkward silences.

It is time to write about Lerms (Carlos Lerma)… he is sort of my friend, I don’t know… maybe… not really… humm well yes… and no… I am weird socially and so is he; usually it go like this: We say hi on events or gatherings, we talk a little, I tell him how much I love his illustrations and drawings, he says “thanks” and he goes quiet, I blush and go in search of alcohol or chips (that is our relationship).

I don’t know if outing an artist of being socially awkward is a good thing… but he did admitted it to me publicly so it is kind of on the record. Hope he doesn’t get angry… that would REALLY ruin our fellowship (yes, I did use that word because it reminds me of Lord of the Rings).

I am not lying when I tell him I think his work is great, he is really ingenious, observing and funny and his illustration show it; I personally don’t seriously think there is something wrong with his social skills, I just figure he gets bored of some people.

I would love to have his talent; I would just draw and draw and draw all day and then ignore little girls at parties and be all cool. Here are some of the ones I love the most:

D for Dolphin T for Tuna

Hang in There

This Fine Land...

The Fourth

I must admit that the girls he draws make me feel really fat and ugly, but besides that I adore it all.

He aint showing up hun
You see! She makes me feel so normal!!!

Here are his links:
DeviantArt gallery

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