Friday, April 23, 2010

I crave funky cheese and Ray Caesar

Sometimes a do have a taste for things not so sweet or normal; my friends tell me that I have a dark sense of humor, but to tell you the truth I never got Pulp Fiction… What I do get, love, adore, crave, need is Ray Caesar.

Some years ago at Comic-Con* passing by the booth of Murphy Design I saw this little pamphlet, the cover (well at least one of them, because they varied) had a Ray Caesar illustration. I fell. Like Alice in the Rabbit hole. I was gone; Never to be the same. I grabbed two little booklets and then I cycled the area and took one more (they were free and full of cool illustration from other artists like Jonathan Viner, Kathie Olivas, Jeff Soto, etc. I had to have plenty!!!!)

Wallflowers. This was the cover to the pamphlet

His work is so dark, so beautiful. Stunning girls, flawless faces, young, pale soft skin… and octopus tentacles! What!? Hahaha He is a genius in making the viewer uncomfortable, because if you are not a little bit disturbed with his work, then there might be something wrong with you (and you should stay away from schools and playgrounds).

I always thought his work was a reproach to the sexualization of children... But no hahaha according to Ray Ceasar they are not children per se but rather a dramatization of our inner self (in an interview he did for Tale of Tales); he said this: “People think I paint pictures of children… I don’t! I paint pictures of the human soul… that alluring image of the hidden part of ourselves… some call them ghosts or spirits but I see them as the image of who we truly are, made manifest with all the objects and bruises that filled the story of each life.” So, there you go, I know nothing! Silly little Amaranta!!! In my defense my inner self would have a little more of a tan (I am Mexican, remember).

Meaning and cultural relevance aside, I still find his work to be glorious; if you don’t like it, well that is OK… For me Ray Ceasar a really good, expensive, unique, stinky cheese; not for everyone, but for the ones that can enjoy it: pure delight**.

Ebb Tide



Returns Of The Day
More from Ray Caesar (HERE)

*Yes, if I can manage to get tickets, I love to go to Comic Con, so many forms of media mix in there, I really like it, plus you get TONS of freebies (and because I am poor I love free things).
**I don’t usually do cheese metaphors, but one of my best friends is in France; today she blogged about the food and because of it I now have really strong craving … I hate her!

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