Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I do have favorites.

Today I am in a low mood (the stress of wedding season, the shortage of crème brulée ice cream in my fridge, my mother asking for a grandchild, the sad Cake song on my playlist, the lack of money on my wallet; no idea what is making me feel like this, maybe it is all hormonal… who knows!) … so, to get out of my funk I want to write about something that is really near to my heart.

A long time ago I had a favorite cousin (I still have him, he is not dead don’t worry, it is just that I decided to love all my cousins the same now; so now I can’t have a preferred one… well no all of them the same! Some of them I don’t even know… Mexicans come from large families. Can I be racist if I am talking of my own race? And well Mexican is not a race it is a nationality; yeah, I am geeky like that… sidetrack!!!! Yesterday someone (Roberto Gutierrez) told me that I was like a standup comedian that changes from subject to subject with no explanation… I know he was trying to tell me that he was annoyed by me, but I decided to imagine that he was telling me I was really funny).

Back to what I was talking about… from the cousins that I do know, I had one that I loved the most, we have sort of the same tastes in arts and silly things and for some years he was really like a brother to me, showing me how to be cool and edit film (not really, the being cool part).

When he got older he went to live in London and from there he sent me one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen. He is nice like that, even though we don’t talk as much as we used to, every time he sees something that I might fancy, he buys it for me and sends it as a gift.

The book is called The Gorgeous Habour /le port magnifique and it is by Mr Clement. I find it magnificent. It has a great structure, mostly like an animation it changes little by little as you turn the pages and similar to a silent movie the text is out of frame. It is simply illustrated but not simplistic. I love it so much.

Here is a picture I took of me looking at my precious book:

Here are more things by Mr Clement.

(with Miffy!!!!!!)

I tried to get in contact with her/him to ask permission to use these images (and to maybe get a small e-mail form her/him… but I had no luck) any way, I encourage you to look around in this Web Page, you will find really cute and funny things from Mr Clement. Also here is the blog.

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