Thursday, April 8, 2010

I LOVE this tinny dancer!

Her name is Karen and she goes by Miss.Kar. Upss... maybe her name was a secret... well not any more (no, it is not, I did ask her, I am not a bitch).

She is my acquaintance, a great friend of a great friend, and is one of the people I spy on facebook, twitter and the net... I mostly know her from her writing, and that is a really cool way of knowing somebody; it is so personal and kind of creepy hahaha.

So she lives in Spain now, far, far, far away, and this is how her days go --> She wakes up and starts another normal day of being ethereal; she dances, she writes, she does some studying, takes some pictures and dances some more; on the weekends she drinks some wine and writes about perfect simple moments. She disappears some weeks because of her Masters, not masters like on S&M... but rather a Master's degree (she is smart!); she always reappears with great new work on her blogs.

Her writing is so coquet (no other word for it!); full of intangible images and casual women. She is obviously at ease in her own skin, because her posts are always calm, soft and to the point. She plays with strange words like if she had been born in the same house as they did; she is never scared of human darkness or bewildered by her feelings. She writes of the small, the immense, the common, the exceptional and the day-to-day-lovely. I just adore her!

Here are some things for you if you know Spanish
Viviendo en voz alta
Petite Karma

Now, if you do not read Spanish, you don't have to go mad, because she does have some things in English, but if I were you I would just go out and buy one of those Rosetta Stone... because I'll tell you, this a girl, is worth learning a language for.

Here is a link to her work you might understand:
Viviendo en voz alta (english)

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