Thursday, April 22, 2010

I LOVE Miffy!!!!

It has been a great day; I went to the gym, got lunch (Italian sandwich full of salami), did some second hand shopping (tree lovely art deco vases for $4, not a bad deal no??) Then I got back home, made some flan and took a shower, so, now… I am happy (Plus, I am extra joyful because I bought some curry, so tomorrow I am going to have a super lovely dinner)\
Wait… is having problems with my playlist… wait… OK… now… because I am having such an amazing day I thought I had to write an ultra super duper post… so, ladies and gentlemen I give you!!!
The post about Miffy!!!!!

Yes, Miffy. Miffy is my Alpha, my Omega, my Epsilon, sigma and kappa. I was not lucky enough to have Miffy in my childhood but I did discover her in a wonderful time; I was living in Paris (I was poor there as well, but it was France and I didn’t care), 18 years old, first time out of my hometown by myself and studying French at a really cute and expensive school (that is where the money went). Anyway, I rode the metro (subway) every day to get to my school and! Every single day that I did, when I got out in the last station I would look up and, sure enough, a huge carton cutout of Miffy would be looking down from one of the windows on a really fancy building*.

From down there it looked as if Miffy was spying on all the people on the street. Every morning that I went to school Miffy was there, peeking from the window, a happy expression on her face and I fell completely in love with her.

Well Miffy is not French; she is the work of Dick Bruna a dutch artist. She was born/created in 1955… wow! She is an old lady rabbit!

She is featured in plenty of products but of course her books are the best. Lovely little stories with cute and simple endings. She is always on a good mood and has really cute friends and a charming family; hope you love her as much as I do.

Because the Miffy Web Page is done on Flash I can’t take images, so I decided to take links from Barnes & Noble products (so if you click on an image it will take you to where you could buy the book), that way I won’t be stealing from some random page or from Dick Bruna. By the way, her interactive Web Page is ultra cute

*I never actually knew why the cutout was there, I told you I was a terrible reporter.

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