Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love Etsy shops !

I just got my serving set from The Best Things shop in Etsy, I love it.
It is just like one my grandma used to have... only hers was red and mine is mustard.
I am starting to fill my boyfriends house with lovely and kind of useless things.
Because I love the set, but I don't think I will me eating out of it any time soon... so... yeah, I am a girl.
I love to have things to look at and no touch.

I do love this shop, by the way, it is like being in a fancy second hand shop... good prices, plus you don't have to deal with that weird second-hand-store smell (a snobby comment, I know, but the truth!).
Any way, go! shop if you can, or just look around!
The Best Things

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