Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Matryoshkas have all the fun

A few days ago I bought some really ugly Matryoshkas (nesting dolls) at Goodwill for one dollar; they are my new project... I just finished sanding their paint off (because they had this hideous design) so now I need some inspiration to do some cute drawings on the clean wood.

I remember that a long time ago I had fallen in love with the work of this designer (luckily I was able to find her page again); look at the work she does on her nesting dolls:

And one more
Don't you just love it?
Her home page is HERE
She has other designs HERE

Since obviously I won’t be able to do something as cools as her dolls, I decided to go look around on Etsy, to see other options… here are a few that I loved:

From Mamazakka's shop on Etsy

From Zeldazoe’s shop

From Alyybee’s shop

I love this stamp set from The Small Object... of course this is no help with my project but I love this shop, and I wanted you to know about it.I will let you know how I do with my dolls… if I don’t do an update about it, it is probably because I messed it up and they look terrible… so don’t ask.

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