Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So, OK.

This blog is for the things I love:
Photography, music, writing, knighting, cross stitching, painting, reading, T.V. and movie watching, facebook spying, crafting, twitter spying, blogger spying, neighbor spying...
so, I love to spy... can you really blame me? I moved to Jacksonville and have null friends here, so the net is my friend.

Since I have been so conjoin to this so-fake-and-so-real new world I thought it would be nice to share it. And maybe I can get some kind of human connection out of it (nothing sexy, I am taken).

Oh, by the way, I am Mexican (not here illegally I can assure all of you) so you might find errors in my grammar and/or my spelling, I hope you can forgive them and not take them as clues to my stupidity, but rather as simple mistakes made by someone writing in their second language.

(If they really bother you, write me up a note and tell me to fix them, I do not mind).

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