Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday! and Laura Osorno!

So, we should start today with something happy. First let me change my Pandora station, because The Strokes are bumming me out… I feel like some Vanessa Da Mata… there… ok… So, where was I? Yeah, happy… Happy not-a-Monday day!

We are closer to the weekend! And to celebrate I will post about Laura Osorno… well actually I will talk about her work, because unluckily I do not know much about her personally… I know this: She works and lives in Colombia and she has been an illustrator for 12 years, and that is pretty much it (Sorry I refuse to Google people, but you can if you want to).

So her work… She has such lovely and vivid character; I fell deep in love with them. Of course, after all this time, she has plenty of commercial work that is just magnificent, but I am also fond of her personal illustration. All of it is full of animated animals, bright colors and fun, only I feel that in her personal stuff she goes a little bit darker* (which I love!).

Here are some of her things.


*Not really, really dark, not pulp fiction dark, just things like making fun of her little animals.

(Bless you!)

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