Thursday, April 29, 2010

My esteemed 8 followers (Sweet Bestiary)

I ask you: Do you want to see something great?
And I supposed you answer yes

Well ok, since you did ask… I will tell you about Sweet Bestiary… I forget how I ended up on her photostream, but it was good fortune that I did. She is from Argentina, and lives in London; She does the most spectacular paper maché and air-drying clay figurines and dolls.
I find her work to be so marvelous and hunting, like antique illustration; it so full of life, playful but not childish. I LOVE that none of her dolls are smiling (such serious characters) I think that makes them even more interesting. When I get some money in my pockets for SURE I will buy something from her.

Look around on her Shop, her Blog or her Photostream, she has really cute things.

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