Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yay for white, blue, old and mushrooms

So a good friend of mine is getting married soon, and her wedding has a theme of Mushrooms… yeah… well, don’t ask why and I won’t have to lie… (Awkward silence and no eye contact)… So, anyway, I am really happy for her and she is REALLY (REALLY!!) happy…

It is weird when you get to a certain age were your friends are finding their soul mates; suddenly you realize that happy endings do exist (only they are actually a Happy Middles, not the ends), that good boys act like good boys, and treat their girls with love, care end commitment… and!!!! That you have a few months to lose about 15 pounds…. Wedding season is about to start!!

Sure not everyone is getting married, some actually skipped that part and went straight to having babies… but! The ones left (not lactating) will attend events in cute dresses or sharp suits and will get totally drunk hahahahaha; Yay for wedding season!!!
Back to the mushrooms, sure it is NOT your typical theme, but searching around on the net I did find some really cool things. I will do a recap for all of you:

Mushroom rubber stamps by CraftPudding (Web-> HERE, Photostream-> HERE, Etsy shop-> HERE)

Mushrooms necklace from Lil Fish Studios (Web-> HERE, Photostream-> HERE, Etsy shop-> HERE)

Meringue mushroom cake from Martha Stewart Weddings

Print by Ashley G

So there you go, plenty of cute things related to mushrooms, sure not all useful for a wedding but good for inspiration.
Now I need to go and run for twenty miles to make up for yesterday's ice cream.

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