Friday, April 30, 2010

Yay! I got mail!

Yesterday I got something on the mail!!! My 5th place price from the Bearpaw giveaway!

It made my day so happy, not only did a get a stitching kit and a Blueberry Park pincushion, but it came all nicely wrap and with a lovely note form Jo Avery (the blog's writer)...

This kind of things make my life so happy, so nice people that give out cute things and ask for little in return (that you visit their blogs). Plus they go the extra mile, wrapping their gifts, adding little extras, they are real kind persons.

Thanks to Jo and everyone that does giveaways!

Embroidery hoop and tote bag

silks (I also got beads)

The pincushion

I wanted to tell you my 9 followers (I have a new one! welcome! thanks!) that you should enter on some giveaways, it takes little time, and let me assure you, if you win something you will feel really good about it, a little extra joy on your days.

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