Thursday, May 6, 2010

Abby Try Again (heart, heart!)

She was a revolution on my mind… because before her I didn’t know that many photographers have shops where they sell their prints!!! I know!! Such a silly little small-town Amaranta, but I didn’t know!! I thought that all photographers were happy with being poor like me, that we were all united in a not-here-for-the-money motto… But no, some of them (plenty) do have lovely shops and I guess make normal (if not really decent) amounts of money out of their craft.

So, by clicking away at her pictures (I have always been a snooper) I found her shop and I just WANTED to buy her pictures, the bad thing was that back then I was as poor as today, so I couldn’t. I always feel bad about things like that, as if somehow I am stealing a sell from the photographer because if I had the money, I would with no problem exchange it for a picture (in the way national economy intended).

Oh Well! I guess I can make up my lack of money with a little post in her honor; I love the simple subjects on her photos and the colors!! Oh! The sweet, sweet colors she captures. She works with a 35mm film camera, which in my mind just makes her so cool! And I love her; she is so committed to her work, and has the best photographs.

The social...
She has a Bigcartel shop and an Etsy shop (only the Etsy one will be closed until June); plus! You can ask her for a print of ANY of the pictures she posts on her blog!!

Here is her photostream, where I originally found and fell in love with her work.
Oh, and right now she is having a sale on her shop, so you really might want to go and look around --> HERE

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