Thursday, May 20, 2010

Animals and lines

Some weeks ago I bought some embroidery hoops at Goodwill, six small ones for 1.99! So I was thinking of doing this collection of random and kind of messy animals in one color... BUT! The problem is that I am really square and geeky… I never liked drawing outside the line; in fact all my drawings (to date) have a darker outer line!!! Yes!! After kindergarten I kept wanting the lines to trap the color in!!

So the thing is, when I do embroidery, I actually do cross stitching, because I love the security of straight lines, but animals in my mind need to be wild, chaotic and can’t be reduced to a pixel like forms.

So… well I think it is the perfect time to search the web for a little inspiration and some good ideas on how to make a really cool embroider animal that seem pattern free (or are, but I will somehow find a way to make mine with a pattern).

Deer by Postcard + Love
Etsy Shop (Here), blog (Here)

Fox by Amy Blackwell

Her Web page (Here), Etsy Shop (Here) and her Flickr photostream (Here)

Jellyfish by Evilsarah

Flickr Photostream (Here)

Dogs by Alyssakai

Blog (Here), Flickr Photostream (Here)

Seahorse by Valerie Roybal

Web page (Here) and her Flickr photostream (Here)

I am pretty sure my works is going to come out nothing like these… but well, at least they will be cheap!

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