Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mexican mother’s day,

Yep, in Mexico mother’s day is May the 10th, so you mothers you get an extra day to go crazy and get some pretty macaroni jewelry.
In honor of my mother I wanted to post a song that reminded me of her … funny thing is that,I think, one of the best songs that make me remember my mother is this one: Green Day’s When I come around … such a punky (as in the mesh of punk and cute) song.

You see in the middle of the Nineteen Nineties my big brother had a band, since my house was somehow large, his band rehearsed on our back yard (well there was a room back there, perfect for such things). Of course because it was the nineties the band had a lot of Nirvana, Weezer and Green Day covers… my mother and I were constantly being serenaded with their popular singles… so it was an hour of Come as You Are follow by two of Rape Me (yes, lovely afternoons of melody and adolescent hate waves)… well in the medley of exquisite songs there was a soft gem… and it was When I come around, why? Simple, no one was screaming at the microphone (you try doing your math homework or enjoin some afternoon tea while a 17 year old boy is screaming rape me, rape me my friend!! in your garden!).

So, Green day’s ballad was a sweet salvation. So much that my mother began to sing it, yes my mother does covers of Green Day while she cooks and does errands… and I say does (present) because she still has that song stuck to her brain. When she is completely calm, focused on the day’s meal or doing random paper work; it starts; the tuturu tuturu tu tu tu when I come around*… and a big smile.
So there you go, my mother everyone.

* yeah that is her version, something like:
tuturu tuturu
tuturu tuturu
humm humm

tu tu tu
when I come around
After 15 years, she is yet to know the full lyrics of the song.

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