Monday, May 3, 2010

Hot, hot, hot!

Well today in Florida it is super hot; I feel like my brain is boiling inside my head… and as you probably can guess writing with a medium-well mind is really hard.

I decided that I would do something in homage to this heat… but what? A post about ice cream? A bikini special? A normal post done while in a bikini? An all things cold post? Forget the post and go to the pool day?

Humm… forget the post and go to the pool… humm… no, no, no… I can’t be that flaky! I will post, I promise… first I have to get out, take a mini-trip to GoodWill, go to the gym, buy food (at home right now I have only the ingredients to make stew, and today that is not going to fly today), maybe go to the pool (it is an ultra nice day after all), do some web research, and sure enough upload the Monday Post… thanks to my new followers by the way, you have made this day oh so energetic and special.

Kiss, kiss!
I’ll be back!

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