Friday, May 21, 2010

I learned a new tittle (MummySam)

Wow the web is strange; sometimes it happens that you keep stumbling with the same work over and over again… Yesterday when I was searching for embroider animals I found this beautiful fox made by MummySam… I though THIS has to go to my Make-a-post-about-this list*… well as I was writing the name down I saw that on the last page her name was already there, as a seller on Etsy!!! (By the way I was adding another girl that was ALSO already on my list!)

The web, sometimes acts like a small little town don’t you think? But since this happened I moved Mummysam to the top, it is only fair!!

Her name is Samantha Cotterill, she is a mother of two living in upstate New York. I actually have a problem describing her work, it is sort of mix media cute felt work and doll making… and she is also a fabric designer (cool gal, don’t you think??).

Ok, ok!!! I found it… it is called Fiber Artist… (fancy title!!!)... Her bio is like this: She used to be a painter, later took a break to have children and now is Fiber Artist!!!
Oh, and by the way she works only with natural materials (like wool felt and lamb’s wool stuffing).
I hope you like her work as much as I do, I find it lovely that her characters seem to be in some sort of life crisis, some do smile but the majority is rather serious and (at least in my mind) worried.

Find lots more of her on:
Official web page (Here)
Etsy shop (Here)
Her blog (Here)
Her fabric shop (Here)

*Yes I make list for everything that I find important.

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