Friday, May 14, 2010

Ok, as I have repeated over and over again, I don’t have much extra cash… I don’t get to buy myself tons of prints, bags or ceramic figurines (just the ones I get at goodwill or garage sales) but, that doesn’t mean that I can’t look around the web for lovely things!!! I have always loved to window shop, go into really expensive stores and dress up as cooler or fancier version of myself… then not buy a thing; it is like playing dress up.
So, today I will play house dress up. Ok?

I found some Etsy stores that have lovely things that I would love to buy! (If you have money and want it really bad; click, click on the image, and the magic of the internet will take you to where the thingy is)

Shohin no.13 from the Doubleparlour’s shop

Blushing Birds Cardinals original watercolor painting from GollyBard’s shop

Strelka The Space Dog print 11x14 from Berkley Illustration’s shop

Beatnik Bird Romp from Kate Endle's shop

Woolly Bear A3 Print from Julia Pott’s shop

Ghost Bunny from Agridulce’s shop

And there you go! A few things that I found on Etsy and loved!


  1. I love all your picks! My favorite is that clay sculpture. Have a great day!

  2. Yes!!! I would love that one as well!!! It is amazing how many beautiful and crazy things are on Etsy! We will need tons of money to get all the ones we want!!! (someday, someday)