Friday, May 14, 2010

About Yesterday's mail

Well I am back (from my super fun bike ride), Oh I didn’t tell you; yesterday my mail box was filled with packages! I was so happy, three of them were from a Hong Kong store (gifts from my brother), then I got a letter from a new (and my only) pen-pal and I also got my price from the Pikaland-Two Pooch papery giveaway (you should really enter giveaways, it feels really good to get things on the mail! for free!!!!)

The price!!!!

My brother sent me this collection of weird little Asian trinkets, my family has weird way of expressing their love!

A little plant !!

This is a metal soap (well the back of the package);
It is supposed to clean bad odor from the hands

Little piggy light

I hope I don't bore you with my post about random events in my life, I will post about cute things later, ok?


  1. Aha! Glad it arrived ^^Hope you like it .

  2. Yes I did!
    I am trying to edit mine, it is always hard to write when, well... you have to introduce yourself.
    Thanks again!