Monday, May 24, 2010

Lovely birds

For some time now I have been loving the prints from Geninne, I am not alone I have seen many post about her on other blogs and she has been on Etsy’s Featured Seller (interview here) and in other magazines and prints… so I guess I haven’t done a post about here, because I figured that any reader would already be familiar with her work; but today on a good Monday morning I realized that such a thought was… well… kind of stupid

CAN do a post about her, because well… this is my blog! And I post if I want to!!! Just because she is well known, it doesn’t mean that I can’t talk a little about her work… plus!! I have blogged about OTHER really known people; I have to be strong! So ok… here goes:

This wom
an (mother of two and wife of one) kicks ash in all things involving creativity and vision. She can doodle little things on rocks to make them ultra cool, she can stitch up a fine fabric bird, she does excellent rubber stamps or she can paint ultra cute animals and make mega smart collages with them, oh and yes! She takes really nice pictures of her work and home. She is an all-around artist, no doubt about it.

Her full n
ame is Geninne D. Zlatkis and she has studied architecture and graphic design. Her work is mostly related to birds and plants, right now she lives in Mexico and I love that she post pictures about the country that inspire her (I really like that Mexico’s nature is creeping into her work. Yay! México!!! Creep in!!!).

Take a look at what I found lovely from her blog:

Bird No.31

Bird on a Stand

Birdies on wood

Love Birds
Oh, and on a super cool note (I learned this on her blog); the print above is featured on The New Adventures Of Old Christine's set! is it not an amazing thing?

By the way, you HAVE TO visit her blog and look around, there she post various videos of herself working which are really cool to watch, plus she is really nice about giving tips and advice; I find these to be self-evident truths that she is a really nice person.
Her Blog is Here,
Her Etsy shop is Here,
And her Flickr Photostream is Here.
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  1. Mil gracias por este post tan bonito Amaranta :)

  2. Wow, muchas gracias por visitar. Has convertido mi martes normal en un día genial!