Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Loving and felting (Hine Mizushima)

Her first name is: Hine; her last name: Mizushima. She is from Japan but lives in Canada.
Thanks to web serendipity I found myself lost in her blog.

She is taking part in that Lost at Sea exhibition at the Gallery Ganahou in New York… I guess if you have been clicking as much as I have for the last few days, you probably have also been finding things related to this event.

So here she is, well actually: here is her work:

She works with such soft materials but yet ends up with a really structured character. She works with really bright and happy colors, I love what she does! Her work is so full of life and joy.

This is her Art Web Site
Her Etsy shop is closed right now, but it should open soon (I guess she is out for lunch).
Here is her blog (HERE), only it is mostly in Japanese

Wow, this girl is hard to get NO?? Shop down! Blog in Japanese! Well I don’t care; her work is SO great it is worth all the needed spying. Plus her Her boot on Makers Market (HERE) and her photostream (HERE) are just fine.

Oh! But look this girl does animation!!!!!

This was made for Etsy, it was a finalist in the Handmade Moment Contest.
She has more videos HERE!

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