Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Middle of the week!!

I hate when video embedding is disabled! I thought that music videos were meant to promote music, not to be this protected jewels of information.
Anyway (sorry, a little blogger hate came out of me there)… I wanted to post a video from Los Fabulosos Cadillacs*, this really cute and lovely song... but then I found this old video from them (I believe one of their greatest hits) And, well I HAVE to post this one… imagine, being 13 and THIS is the song you dance at your school parties!!! Hahaha crazy no? Yep that was 1995 for me...

It is called Matador (translation by me: The killer)

Sorry for the poor video quality, there is a better one here… but because of some weird idea form official YouTube pages to not share videos with the common man (or blogger gal), I cannot post it here.

*My favorite group from Argentina.

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