Thursday, May 6, 2010

Picture on the mail!

Sorry, yesterday was this crazy day and I didn’t have a chance to blog much; I hope today is better because I have some posts that I really want to do…
Well I didn’t tell you before, so I will tell you right now, two days ago I got a really special letter in the mail.
It was a picture; I had won in a sort of giveaway…

Picture I took of the picture I got, the little note that came with it and the lovely Finland stamp

In Mexico we used to have these weird giveaways where there was this cardboard divided into small squares, and each square had a little gum taped over it … so, you would get to pick the gum from the square you wanted (say A5, B12, F7…) and!!! Then!!! When you took the candy, under it (in the cardboard) there would me some type of marking or nothing at all. Depending on the marking you either got a second chance to take candy OR!!!! A gift!!!! (A tiny plastic ring, a lollipop, a candy necklace or something crazy like a kitchen spoon). And if there was nothing, well you just got a cheap piece of gum for an expensive price hahahaha. I don’t know, I imagine that these types of giveaways only happen in Mexico, they sound so 3rd-world-countriesque… but they are part of childhood.

Well the whole story about my Mexican memory was because I won this picture on a similar giveaway, look, here it is: I just had to add a note in the photograph I wanted!

I thought it was so much fun! I guess if one day I do a photo giveaway I will do it like him. Well this little post was supposed to be on 5 de Mayo!!! It made more sense to talk about Mexican candy rip-offs yesterday; but as I said, it was a wild day.

The cool guy that gave me the picture is Neatmummy (obviously this is NOT his real name) and his photostream is HERE

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