Monday, May 3, 2010

This land is your land.

So… I guess I have no true or inspiring mental images of heat… so in respect to this weather, I just keep calm, turner the air conditioner on and carried on; no significant post about it.

But because I was really trying (searching ice cream prints on Etsy) I happen to stumble across Happy Doodle Land… and I fell instantly in love with the products there. The maker is called Flora and that is all my investigating found out… o no! Wait! She has a blog! (HERE)… ok, so now we know a little more about her (great spying work!).

Well I find her work to be so fun and happy, perfect for a hot day like today; not to serious, no drama, just simple pure joy. Plus I think that I could actually save some money to get a cute print from her shop, they start at just $20! that is a real deal!

Wow, somehow I did find more about her, she has a photostream --> HERE

Swirly Hair Print

Mini Rubber Stamps Set No. 11
Bubble Bear Print

Birdies Print

So to recap: Shop, Blog and Photostream.
Go, look around her pages, shop (or not) and smile, because for today everything is fine.

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