Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things that happen.

Well, yesterday I was having a really bad day, I had planned a whole trip on my bike… some Goodwill shopping, gym and a search for a birthday card… BUT! Someone stole my bicycle seat!!! Yep, the seat! What the funk!!!?? Who does that??... Well I was really bummed because, as you might now know, I am poor* and my only transportation method is that lovely bike (and my feet… oh and waiting for my guy to come home from work and ask for a ride).

Well, I got really sad. One thing about being poor is that when you DO have things, you truly (TRULY) treasure them, and well… to have some part of them taken, it feels really crummy.
So, I was full of rage, sadness, confusion, etc… butsince I was already outside I decided to go and get the mail (might as well be productive in some way)… AND! Well, this:

She saved my soul!
Some time ago Lilyl’estrange did a little print giveaway on her Flickr Photostream, and I won a cute picture. Luckily it arrived on the perfect day to level things out and restore my faith in the human race (sure some of them decide to take seats from you, but others, instead, send you free photos and notes adorned with stickers).

I was still sad about my bike, but, well, I got a little perspective back; After all, it was only a possession, and there ARE other much more important things in life.

Thanks Lily!
Hope you do get to travel the world!

*And don't go feeling bad for me because I am poor, part of being legal around here means that I cannot work, BUT!!! my boyfriend takes care of all the bills and buys tons of yummy food; I never have to go without something that I need.. this kind of poor only means that I don't usually buy myself expensive shoes, cute bags, or well... a car.

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