Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What a Monday! plus the intro to Flan and Quesatacos

Well… Puff yesterday was a full day of entering giveaways! I hope you entered some as well; they are truly fun… if you didn’t, go! And do some!! That is an order! … No, not really, I kid!

Most of them are up until tomorrow, so you have time to browse on the list and see if you find something you might like. Sure the odds or winning are slim because so many persons are signing up… buuuuut! Someone has to win (it could be you) and it is fun to answer the questions some of them post.
In some of them I was like No way, my English is NOT good enough to answer this; when the blogger wanted some existential reason to happiness… but most of the want to know your favorite book, summer treat or dinner recipe (which for me are Strange Pilgrims by Gabriel García Márquez, Flan and Quesatacos! accordingly*).

So… ok, for today there will be no good links to giveaways… because well there are SO many going on.
Again, you can go to Sew Mama Sew’s blog (HERE) to find the 3 lists of links and remember to check The Bright Side Project (HERE) as well, because they ALWAYS have really cool giveaways! (When I grow up, I want to be just like them… but with my Mexican accent).

I’ll try to do some good post today, I saw a lot of inspiration yesterday in blogs and I have some that post that I haven’t been able to write, I think today is the perfect day for them.
So music? Ok… that would be great to get in the blogger mode!

Blogger mode activate!!!

Elton John's I Want Love
Yeah ok, I was looking for this ultra happy song, but I stumble upon this video and remembered that is really cool. If you want a man who looks like Robert Downey Jr. but writes and sings like Elton John… well this video is for you. By the way Downey Jr. is doing his best I-am-just-a-guy acting!

*More on these favorites later

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