Monday, June 21, 2010

Tatsuro Kiuchi

Many posts ago I remember mentioning something about the books I had in my childhood; all those imported somewhat socialists illustrated books that made my firsts years so happy.

I guess I don’t really know how to describe the lovely designs those books had, filled with illustrations that had no hard lines and mixed all kinds of colors, at four years of age I used to wonder about the man or woman drawing them: How did he or she know where to stop painting, if there was no outline to guide his or her hands? Why was he or she not afraid to mix all those hues and textures?

Well, some days ago I found an artist on the web, that reminded me so much of those old possessions; I just HAD to do a post about him. His name is Tatsuro Kiuchi and he is from Japan but went to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

For this artist I do wish that I had gone to art school myself, because I fear my undersized vocabulary and knowledge will just not be enough to do a proper post. I want to know, from where this type of painting originated? If it has anything to do old school propaganda of Asian countries, or with a specific movement? Or is it just him, his way of doing things, nothing to do with my fuzzy childhood memories; No relation to those other artists.

Somehow, in the future, when I am no longer unemployed and poor, I will raise my hand on a class and I will be able to ask all this things to someone how will know the relevant facts and dates to answer me. For now, I must keep posting, in hopes that these illustrations make your head spin as much as mine and your heart thump a little louder.

Not so polar bear for the exhibition EARTH: Fragile Planet

Illustration for a monthly essay series titled
An open lecture for analog people.



If you want more of Tatsuro Kiuchi (and I do hope you do), his Web Page is (Here) and his Flickr Photostream (Here). Also, if you want, you can look for him on Amazon or other shops, to find some of his amazing books.


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