Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't worry, one day you will be art. (Tara Dougans)

I love it when artist use all their techniques and talent to draw ugly people… I mean in this time where really beautiful people are taking over Cinema, Magazines and T.V. it is good to know that, we, the fugly and casually misshapen can still have a space on art. We will always have radio, UPS advertisements and blogs, but to invade museums and galleries is a great achievement!

I am sure there is a really fancy way of calling this type of art, something politically correct and artsy, that makes it sound less about drawing unsightly characters and more about a social point of view or a confrontation with canons; like Culture of the Common or Awakening of the Rare, but I don’t know the correct name*, because I never went to art school and I am too poor to buy those hip magazines. Sorry.

So I will tell you what I do know: Her name is Tara Dougans and she is Canadian; she is more or less a baby, only 24 years old!!! You can find her Web Page here and her Flickr Photostream here. And I love her work.

he Wallflower

The Dreamboat

The Annex

Life Inside the Bear

The Elephant in the Room

Again, if you want more of her go to her Web Page (Here) or the Flickr Photostream (Here).

* I will research it, I promise.

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    Cool artwork...thanks for sharing~