Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eroné made my heart go nuts!

Sometimes I like a painting or an illustration and I am not quite sure why; my heart goes Dadaboom! And I am lost, wondering about the character in front of me and the artist that made him or her come live. Dadaboom! And I am never again the same.

By now, you can probably tell my normal taste; big eyes, soft textures, bright and fun colors, but, like any other human and some apes, I am complex creature, sometimes I feel attracted to the complete opposite of that.

For today, the complete opposite of furry teddy bears is named Eroné and he is from France (Dadaboom!). He works in many types of media; including paint, serigraphy, illustration, and photography, his work maintains its statics throughout all of them. He draws long, beautiful, dark women, with muted eyes and almost no expression (well, I do see a little of worry in most of them, but I don't know if that is just my neurotic mind, playing tricks on me).

I adore that even if his work is not ultra bright and happy, there is no hit of gore and misery, for me his paintings and drawings are really upbeat, cool and mysterious; if I had the money I would definitively buy some of his things to hang around my house.

I did fell hard for his work, I hope you like it as well; here are my favorites:

There is little info about him on his profiles, remember how most male artists are ratter shy? Well he is no exception, but you can browse around his Web page (here), his Flickr Photostream (here) or his Portfolio (here) for more of his work.

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