Monday, June 7, 2010

Silvia Portella ^w^

Here is another gal from Barcelona, lovely work; Now, I have no idea what is going on in Spain, Barcelona in specific, there is something like the opposite of a black hole of talent (a white bump? Would that be the opposite?). Crazy cute things are coming out of that cool town.

I was in Barcelona once, just for two days, and I’ll tell you, that town sure is amazing; You can help but to realize that if you could spend some time there, live there, you would become a completely different person. There is no way, I was sure, to stay the same if you had Barcelona as your background.

When I was there, looking at Gaudi’s architecture, taking in all the Spanish air; I thought it was the wine and beer giving me such dense certain thoughts on the effects of Barcelona in the human psyche.

Now, looking at the work of so many nice people from there, I understand that it was not the amount of alcohol on my blood; it was the town having an impact on me (like only Barcelona can do it), making my mind wonder, bringing a smile to my face, freeing my spirit, urging me to create something, forcing my body to dance all types of electronic music… ok, maybe that last one was because of the drinks… but the other parts surely were the town.

You need more evidence? Look at the magnificent work from Silvia Portella, she now lives in Germany, but she was born in Barcelona and graduated from The Art & Design School BAU in that same city. Here, have a look, and plan your trip to Spain; we all need a few days there every once in a while.

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Mütze Munny! ^w^

For more of her, here is here Web Page (Here) and here is her Flickr Photostream (Here)

Happy mess ^w^

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