Friday, June 4, 2010

Get ready to have your hearts melted!!!

For some time, almost two years now, I have been watching this little boy grow up in front of his father’s camera; it was not until today, getting ready for this post, that I realized that there are achieves of him dating back to his date of birth*.

This made me realize two things; one: I am not as much of a stalker as many people will believe me to be (yay! For not-creepy me!) And two: little Mr. Whitman, and now also his baby sister, are going to have all their childhood documented.

Shawn Veader (father and photographer) is trying to capture at least one picture a day of his son’s life (and I am guessing doing the same for his new little one, Lorelai); and amazing project that will without a doubt affect the way little Whitman and sis look back at their infancy once they’re not little anymore. This is no Truman Show, nothing disturbing or exploitive about it, just a sign of the times; Thanks to digital cameras, lots of photographers nowadays can have the luxury of capturing the simple and wonderful moments in everyday life; Veader just took it a little to the extreme.

I grew up in Mexico, I was born in 1982 a year of great economic depression in my country, and so, to tell the truth I have not many pictures of my tender years; My father loved photography, but by the time I was born he was really busy working extra hours. Buying and developing film was also kind of a luxury, so I have about 20 good pictures** of me between the ages of zero and nine.

I imagine how it’s going to be for Whitman, who in comparison to me and many others has a massive collection of captured moments. In the future he will be able to look up an image of whatever he is trying to remember, like a toy, a party, a friend, etc. He will be able to see, if he wants, how his character slowly developed throughout those first years. He will, in fact, be able to understand the magnitude of his father’s love and admiration***.

Will this external memory affect in many ways his understanding of himself or the world? Or will it just be how it was, a tendency that all other parents followed and all other children experienced, not different from any of his peers past and present (well, only in the fact that his dad does know how to take good pictures). I do wonder. In any case he is a wonderful boy with a great family, I am sure things will turn out just fine.

Here have a look at some of the newest images (the first 4 are of Whitman, last one of new baby Lorelai):


cheeky monkey

wet boy

Lined up

Squishy lips

And If you want to see more of this lovely family, go to Veader Flickr Photostream --> HERE
Or the Web Page --> HERE

* Even from before that moment, images of his mother’s full belly are also available.
** Good pictures for me equals the ones that show your character, nothing posed, nothing forced; you doing what you really loved to do or being who you really were.
*** Because not only is he taking pictures of him, but he always adds lovely captions to them.

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