Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I cheated!!!! But I really needed it.

Well I feel like I am 48% snoozing right now, yesterday it was really hard to sleep because my grandma keep waking up and insisting on staying up, so, the complete house was awake; Plus I think I am coming down with something, I had weird body aches the whole night…

But I have to post, I feel that if I stop doing this, I will just stop doing everything; so
mething like a chosen coma.

Luckily, before leaving Jacksonville I had a premonition that bad days for writing could soon come my way, so I did some post ahead and kept them; I felt like I was cheating you, because I was writing without publishing, but it had to be done. And today I am grateful for it (Today I am going out for a long walk with a friend, and hopefully I get a good rest after that, and tomorrow some fresh blogging). So here is the post:

Her name is Maria Ribeiro (Kjoo) and she is from Portugal, some time ago I was going to post one of her necklaces on a wish-list post, but after seeing her whole collection I decided she was really worth the full post*.

Some of her work is so clean and straightforward, but every now and then there is one crazy piece, full of small details or funky embellishments, I love it all. I wish I had dozens of her accessories so I could always have a little of her artistic tones on me.

Here are my favorites from her, now I must admit that I picked to more attention-grabbing; she has tons of really cute and simple necklaces, rings, bracelets and cuffs that you should look at as well, because I know not everyone feels like wearing crocheted spikes. So look on her Etsy shop (here) or her Flickr photostream (here) for more of her.

#514 New soft spikes necklace.

#493 Sterling silver/cotton/suede.

#233 Brooch

#459 New choker/neck warmer

#446 One of a kind medium size necklace

*Not that the other ones were not; they all did ultra lovely jewelry, but she has such a big variety and I wanted to truly capture her work.

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