Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well, thank Microsoft for Excel, because I was super sure I had already done this post, but it turns out that I hadn’t… weird, blogger déjà vu. The good thing is that I am super professional and keep track of all my posting on an Excel page, so, I was able to see my mistaken ways.

I think the reason I got so confused was because I have been mega spying on this guy, yeah I sound so creepy, but I have not Google his name yet!! So there!! I was just doing my proper job as a non-paid writer; I wanted to pick the best images from his collections so this post would be extra nice.

His name is Luciano Lozano (Ilustrista), he is from Spain and wish I could watch over his shoulder as he works (yes, I love being weird). He has a steady job as an illustrator for magazines and newspapers, and I love the little humor he adds to his work, even when the topic is somewhat serious.

Sometimes I feel so guilty to reduce someone’s work into just 5 images; with Lozano I get that feeling, there is no way that 5 pictures will express all that he is capable to do. Normally when I do my preselection of images I want to post, I end up with about 8 or 9 that I later reduce, but with Ilustrista I had some 15 that I really wanted to use, so I guess you can say he is now one of my favorites from Flickr. I must urge you to double click on his links and look around, because he has great paintings and illustrations that you will probably love.

So here are my 5:

Being a bird


The Incredible and Strange Adventure of the Swallowers of Pretty Things


For more of this incredible artist go to:
His web site --> HERE
His blog --> HERE
His Flickr Photostream --> HERE

The tale of dusk

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