Monday, June 14, 2010


I must admit that sometimes I do get intimidated with some artists, big time painters don’t scare me that much because I know there is no way I will be able to do a suitable post about them, no way my little never-went-to-art-school intellect will be able to grasp their magnitude or be able to interpret their work in a proper manner. So I just do the post and carry on.

But there is another category of artists, mostly designers that work on various professional and personal projects, which give me the writer’s heebie jeebies. I think it is because their works is so vast that I feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to describing it.

Well, Mar Hernandez (a.k.a Malota) is one of these last artists; she is a Spanish designer, an illustrator, a painter and a musician. So there! You try and encapsulate her on 300 words!!!

I have avoiding doing her post because she makes me so nervous, but yesterday as I was browsing on other designers’ favorites I just kept finding links to her work over and over again. So it is fair to write about her now, besides it is Monday! I need a good start for this week and you might need a little inspiration.

I did a small selection of her work (small being the correct word), but to get a true idea of this gal’s talent you do have to brows around on her Web Page (here), her Flickr photostream (here), her blog (here) and/or her music page (here). She has been part of many interesting exhibitions I really wish one day I am able to come up close with her work, because I think her details are ultra beautiful (yes, that is my professional opinion).

Unusual Hat


She also paints custom vinyl toys and does felt plush dolls. I love her.
Find them here and here accordingly.

This selection is jaded by my love of the girls she designs and paints, just to be really clear, not all her work relates to women.


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