Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New word, new love.

Ok, for today I decided to do things a little bit different: first post (music), then gym, some time at the pool (giving enough time for the cleaning ladies to visit my room) and then more posting.
That way I didn't have to deal with the stress of hearing the hotel staff coming to my room.

I am not good under pressure, I am one of those that freak out whenever late in a store I hear the "the store will be closing in 30 minutes" alert.

so, now I am tension-free and able to browse around the Web with pleasure.

Well, for today I have a real treat, I guess you probably already know about him: Shinzi Katoh, that is, and so did I, in a way. Some months ago I had found his online shop, but his designs are so assorted that I actually believed that it was a store hosting the work of various companies.

I was wrong, thanks to an array of links I was able to fin his Web page again, and I decided to peruse his various categories of art and zakka* in search for my favorite 5 things**.

Monchhichi Cafemug stroll

Soup Mug Tittie Red Hood Grandma's house

Due Mug Rabbit Boy

Picnic Bag Lion

CofeMug Colorful Route601

Facile Lid Mug Cats

Ok, not 5 but 6 and!!! I must admit, it is almost impossible to look at all his things, but I am really happy with my selection, any way.

You should really visit his shop (HERE) and look for your self at all his amazingly cute things, and if you speak Japaneses his blog is --> HERE

** Zakka is my new word, according to Wikipedia (and Wikipedia never lies), zakka "refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance."
* Yes, because today, among other things I have lots of free time.

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