Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anke Weckmann made me do it.

I am sure that, by browsing on this blog, you can correctly guess that for most of my life I have been wanting to be a so-called-artist; yes, I have tried many ways of getting my creative groove on: Carbon over paper, drawing with ink, pastels, watercolors, acrylics, wood carving, paper-mâché, knitting, classic photography (color and black and white), paper and fabric dyeing, digital photography, hand and machine sewing, video editing, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Paint, cross stitching, paper collages, Sculpey, button making, 10 sad lessons of flamenco… and, of course, writing.

I think the reason I can really appreciate the work of others is because I have been there; spending hours over a single project, chipping my nails, losing my eyesight, hair a complete mess, no social life, clothes splatter with ink or blood (yes, blood, because I tend to prick my fingers with whatever I have handy)… Of course, I never got the result my feature artists obtain; I only got asymmetric rabbits, chunky dragons, irregular scarves and a collection of skirts and dresses I never wore.

And Why? Why after so many failed attempts in so various avenues would I continue to try?? Why not accept reality and give up? Well it is because of one type of artists; the ones that make it look easy!

Look, one time I when to an exhibition of Alberto Giacometti’s sculptures and drawings and never once did I thought “Well, I am sure I can do something like that”, why? Well because his work is stunning but weird, crazy and kind of dark; creepy images that I would have never even dream about, done in the most beautiful way (with the obvious control of his craftsmanship). So, I went home happy and did not try bronze sculpting.

But! Many other times, I have stumble upon the work of great guys and gals that make amazing images with simple themes and (what looks like) effortless strokes. I fall for it! I start to dream about my possible new artwork, I see myself in books and galleries and for the next few weeks I put all my efforts and imagination into my new calling. Sure, after some time, I realize (again) two simple facts: 1) Just because it looks easy, it doesn’t mean it is easy to make and 2) I was probably born to be an accountant.

Anke Weckmann is my latest maybe-I-could-do-that crush; soon I am sure I will be playing around with pencils, pens and markers, but for now I will resist the temptation and just blog. Anke Weckmann grew up in Germany, but now lives in London. She has been featured in many magazines and has had various exhibitions; currently you can get her prints and greeting cards on her shops on Etsy (here) and DaWanda (here).

Have a look at my faves from her:

Frankie t-shirt design

postcard 02

Little Friends

postcard 01

And yes, of course I will fail at trying to draw and paint like Weckmann, there is no doubt about that, but I love that she brought some motivation back to my life; the need to move my little fingers and make something. If you want some inspiration of your own, visit her Web site (here), her blog (here) or her Flickr Photostream (here).



  1. Oh, the little friends, so sweet:)

  2. lovely! anke did a wonderful cover for ammo http://www.ammomagazine.co.uk/