Thursday, July 1, 2010

Art Mind

I have no recollection of how I ended up on Art Mind’s Etsy shop; it was probably one of those drunken nights where I just type random thoughts into my Google searcher… Spike + Ceramic + Shop… and then I was there.

Hahahaha no, not really, I don’t do that, but I felt like spicing up my introduction a little bit, give my blog an edge. I truly don’t remember how I got there*, but I do know what keep me browsing and made me add her to my to-post list. Her pieces are magnificent and simple, just the way I like my ceramic accents to be.

Art Mind is the creation of Mitsy, a super creative gal from Belgium. She has different things that you might like including a collaboration with jewelry shop Lila Ruby King (here). What I specially love from her works is the collection called 99 Feelings; she made 99 little babushka shaped pieces with different add-ons that represented her interpretation of a certain sentiment (five of them are featured below).

Now I don’t know much about ceramic, but I have about 6 days worth of knowledge on Sculpey and to make things like these you have to be really patient and talented otherwise you end up with odd and chunky looking pieces (you don’t have to tell that to my boyfriend that lives surrounded by crooked rabbits and square foxes). I love that (unlike mine) Art Mind's pieces are so clean and well defined, I find them so beautiful.

Take a look at her things; I am sure you will like them just as I did.






If you want to browse more of her work you can go to her Flickr Photostream (here), her blog (here) or her Etsy shop (here).

*I now know!!! There was this little not on the side of my To-Post list! I found her thanks to the website: Handmade Europe ( I am so happy that I am such a nerd because I would feel really bad to just steal a link form another web site without giving credit.


  1. Yes! I ultra love them! She is really talented.

  2. Hey Amaranta, what a lovely feature you did of my work! I LOVE the introduction a lot. :)
    Thanks so much for loving my work!

  3. Yay! Thank you so much!! Well you have lovely pieces, I really wanted to do good by them.
    Keep on doing you cool work!