Thursday, July 8, 2010

Errez is Magic.

When you are the writer, head designer and editor in chief of your blog you tend to make mistakes; some can be simple like writing food instead of fruit, or sheer in the place of cheer (since I am Mexican in soul and body, I do tend to make many of these), other errors can be considered subjective: Not picking an image that others might deem the best from a certain artist or focusing my description on a given characteristic in someone’s work when maybe most of his pieces are united by a different trait that I miss or chose to ignore.

And then, there are the I-can’t-believe-myself oversights; mistakes that I am really ashamed of: Like when, yesterday, I realized that I have not done a post about Roberto Gutierrez (Errez), someone that, not only do I know and I am fond of, but also who has help me now and then with information for other posts (I am an ungrateful little beast).

Here is the thing; and this in no way gives me absolution: Some of his pieces I find scary and disturbing, and well, I guess I never knew how to twist that into a positive introduction. However! Yesterday, as I was quietly stalking him, I came upon some pieces that I had never seen and one that I had majorly loved sometime ago; I actually want it (wink, wink, and my birthday is in September, wink, wink).

I noticed that there is a magical nostalgic look on his work; that when done in warm colors turns into an eerie, intimidating, hellish thing, but! If he works with cool greens and blues, his work becomes enchanting, mythical and well, simply, beautiful.

(Oh, wait.. Supergrass just started singing We Are Young on my playlist and I don’t think I can write about Errez with this as a soundtrack… Ok, well… tut, tut, tut, done... Coldplay is a little more fitting, I think… ok… carrying on).

I guess sometimes it is hard for me to write about friends, because well I don’t want to seem bias and I don’t like to go around telling people, that I know, what I think about them; I don’t like to meddle in other people’s professions. Plus I was kind of scare of Errez (hahaha); I had only seen his "warm" work!! But, turns out, he is a nice guy (a normal person)! He gave me a ride to Tijuana the other day (just like Dylan did to Brenda, but without the salsa dancing and the kissing) and I dare say we had fun (at least no one had to call their parents in shame, because they were stranded without a passport).

He lives here in Ensenada and I plan to visit his house soon and steal some of his paintings, because well… I am bad. For now I leave you with my favorite ones from him (although he has other really cool ones on his web site that I was unable to steal):

For Illustration Friday: Wise

High Priestess (This is the one I ULTRA love!)

Song to the Siren

For Artjumble: Monalisa

For more of him you can visit his Web Site (here) or his blog (here).


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