Monday, July 5, 2010

The Mistery of Giacomo Bagnara

Well now I am sick, because of course having to leave my apartment, coming back to my parent’s, having no job, sleeping on the couch and those weird stomach cramps were just not enough to drive the point home. Karma is such a nasty little thing.

So now my throat is all swollen, my head feels numb and I have no one to make me chicken noodle soup. But! Don’t cry for me Argentina! (yes, maybe the medication is writing this post). Why? Why dear Amaranta? Why do you still feel lucky, happy and complete?? Well… I don’t want to jinx it… but!!!! It looks like I am going to COMIC-CON!!!!!!

So I don’t care! It doesn’t matter if today I blackout from fever or if I can’t sleep, come Saturday 24th of July!! I have a date with the sexiest event on the world!!

Thanks to a friend that took pity on me and casually had an extra ticket, I will be able to go!! Sure only one day of the 5 day event, but who the funky feet cares!!!! I am going to
Comic-Con baby!!!

Freebies, mini pizzas, illustrators, painters, writers, editors! Ah! The best of the best!!! Yes, yes, I take the Karma comment back. She is not so bad.

So, ok, I better get to today’s post before more of the medicine enters my blood stream.

His name is Giacomo Bagnara (hellbluo) he is a male artist from Italy, and well that is all his profile says … but, you know me… I can’t just write: here are some images from an Italian illustrator, enjoy! What kind of professional blogging would that be!? So I did Google him (because I needed to know a little extra! I had to; it is not that I am some kind of stalker, I am just trying to do my non-paid job!) and nothing! No info!!! He is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma* or just shy… so now I have to do what I can with what I got:

Giacomo Bagnara is an illustrator from Italy, he has 268 friends on Facebook and a super cool Flickr Phostostream (Here), enjoy!


storie d'improbabile equilibrio



* Stealing from Winston Churchill.


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