Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday, Namaste and Sara Lov

I just got back from yoga class and I am seriously considering going to Tijuana (an hour away from here) to a small welcome home Lerms and Pre Comic con party… funny thing, of course yoga is all about finding peace and being calm and all I could think about, the whole hour as I was pretending to be flexible, were the pros and cons of going away for a day to a party.

Con: I don’t even know where I would sleep once the party is over.
(Downward Facing Dog)
Pro: I get to see friends, relax.
(Cobra pose)
Con: I should be looking for a job, and job search is a serious not-going-to-parties-on-Tuesdays thing.
(The Eagle Pose)
Pro: The friends attending are really cool, nice, interesting people. I am in need of some good chats.
(Hero and Warrior Poses
Con: Money, instead of making it, I am spending it. The ride, the drinks, the food; it’s not a cheap endeavor once you add it all up.
(The Tree Pose)
Pros: Well I am young, I kind of just got here, and maybe chatting up with friends I learn about a job or some interesting project (not really, but by this point I am convinced I want to go)…
(Lotus pose and Namaste)

So, dilemmas aside, I think I am officially at ease in Mexico, at least my body and mind are finding new distractions.

Now for you all, a song.
This is Sara Lov with Fountain*

*Video animated and directed by Italian director Marco Morandi

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