Friday, August 6, 2010

The Cat Empire and my On Line Status.

When I lived in Uruguay I did not spend my afternoons connected on the computer (flashing my ON LINE status), I didn’t have to, I lived in a house with 60 to 80 other students; the different kitchens were all the casual interaction I needed.

If I was feeling bold I would sit near the front door and wait a little. In no time I would have successfully inserted myself in someone else’s adventure; little trips to buy things, visits to other friends, going to the Laundromats, outings to a park or the mall, visits to the Rambla… ok so not so much adventures, but at least it was human interaction and nice chats.

Back on this side of the equator having casual contact with friends is rather hard, I am back in my small town, but not all my friends live here; plus I am really weird about visiting people, I think it has something to do with the fact that I kind of hate people just stopping by; when I am home, normally I am completely consumed by some random task and never dressed properly or put together, so if people just knock on my door, I act all awkward and self-conscious* (I am terrible at the having-friends thing).

However!!! Here, I do use the wonderful little Messenger; it is always good to me. Since I am already 90% of my awake time in front of my computer, being online is my new way of sitting by the door. Friends enter and go and when time and mood is right some interaction is done (in addition! I don’t have to comb my hair!).

Yesterday, I was all gloomy and annoyed and suddenly a little link appeared on my screen.

A link to this song:

Now, if you are human I am sure you can understand how refreshing and uplifting receiving a song, just for the heck of it, can be; flowers die and might give you allergies, cakes make you fat and diamonds kill children in Africa. A link to a song, heaven, nothing but heaven.

Thank you my online friend, you were really good at the making-me-happy thing.

The song is called The Lost Song and it is from The Cat Empire.

* But if you are my friend and know where I live, do come and visit; the acting weird ends after the first cup of coffee or 30 minutes of chatting.

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