Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Aid Kit for a Too Much Information Post (sorry guys)

I am in the middle of a hormonally-induced depression or maybe I am just hormonal and feeling that my life is kind of a waste, either way I am in the midst of a rather annoying day.

I really hate it when I lose my no-need-for-a-basis optimism; you know, the one that keeps repeating in my head: “it’s ok, if you don’t have a job, you are doing something with your life”, “at least you are writing almost every day and that is helping you understand your writing process” and my favorite: “it takes time and bad periods to bring out the creative best of people”

I am normally my own best fortune-cookie fortune writer, but not today, for this Tuesday I am ultra down and unhappy with my life choices.

…At least a friend is coming to visit my town and I think we are going to eat some nice seafood... I might get to take some pictures… and yes, there are other nice things in my life, it’s only that these natural chemicals have me high on emo mode.

For now I leave you with a little song I was lucky to find; First Aid Kit with Hard Believer (Video directed by Nicholas Wakeham)

Oh, yeah and I did also found another cool giveaway:
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