Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ken Garduno and the Ups and Downs of Love

Sometime ago I had this amazing postcard that I had taken from some Comic Con stand, I decided to send it to my best friend because it was so amazingly good and she, upon receiving it, added it to her crazy wall of cool inspiration (my friend has the blessing of being both spiritual and hip, so she can get away with having a motivational wall)

Because I had thought that the postcard was exceptional, this year at Comic Con I was searching for the artist that made it; of course since I am horrible with names and the event is massive, the battle was lost before it could even begin.

However!! after a brief inspection of my freebie’s bag days later I realized that in fact I had a new little postcard from the same artist! Fancy that!*

His name is Ken Garduno; he is from L.A. his work has been in many publication and it’s no wonder, his images are super fun and elaborated, filled with pop culture references, humor and skin (he does a lot of naked girls and even I, such a prude lady, adore them).

I picked only G rated because I am a goody two-shoes, but I do encourage you to go and click on his links (below) to browse his full collections:





For more of Ken Garduno you can visit his Web site (here), his Flickr Photostream (here), his blog (here) or his Etsy shop (here)… please do visit any or all of them, his pieces are truly incredible you will not regret you double clicking.

Oh, yeah, and about the ups and downs of love: I hate them.


* Since The Dark Night (Christopher Nolan) this is my favorite expression but I hardly ever get to use it (because, my life is mostly in Spanish and without much surprise).

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