Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Little Post about the Work of Nicole Gastonguay

Well, I have been meaning to post about (indeed) the work of Nicole Gastonguay for quite some time now, the only thing is that somehow I never get the intro to sound right, but since today I already did a fast post I guessed it was the perfect time to do another one and feature her pieces.

I really don’t think her work need much explanation; they are fun and delightful handmade accessories; when you see them you can’t help but smile (at least I can’t), and it’s charming that her collection includes a variety of unusual and common objects. Have a look (and love them like I do!):


TV Dinner



Nicole Gastonguay is a graphic designer and she lives in NY; her official web site is (here), there you can look at more of her work or (if you live in the US) buy her pieces. She says she uses no patterns so all of her little characters are unique.
You can also go to her Flickr Photostream to have an eyeful of cuteness (here).


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