Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ana Bidart’s cool work.

Hello there.

Well, I have no idea what happened, I did not go out yesterday (I was a complete nerd and stayed to online-chat the night away), but still somehow I needed part of the day off, today. Maybe I am hormonal (blame it on being a girl! Ha ha ha it’s always a nice exit!). It might be depression, sure, I guess, but nothing that needs medication, for today I was good with two cups of coffee, a gyro, a trip to the book fair (with my BFF) and a nap (not with my BFF). Good as new!!! (nop, not really, but at least ready to post)

A lot of parenthesis in the last paragraph, no?

OK, I decided to not do the music part today because, to tell the truth, yesterday I got completely frustrated with the lack of permissions to embed videos; I felt like such a creep wanting to place them on my blog and then realizing that such actions were considered unneeded and unwanted (we don’t have that kind of relationship, kid).
So, Mexican singers and groups you lose! Instead I will post this!


Is that not one of the coolest things ever?! I found it some days ago as I was doing my daily spying. I want it so bad!
The gal that made it is called Ana Bidart and she is from Uruguay, I picked more of her images, but you can also go to her Flickr Photostream where you can find more of her work --> HERE

goma eva

El humo II



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