Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My long lost love: James Jean

The other day, after I posted about a certain painter a friend wrote me a little message on Messenger (go figure!): “If you liked him, look for James Jean, you are sure to love him” (or something like that, I don’t have the greatest memory), I, like a snooty girl answered: “Yeah, I know who James Jean is and I DO love him”. I was not intending to sound harsh, it just came out that way. The truth is that every time a friend recommends something concerning books, art, movies, etc. my heart melts a little and I feel completely blessed to have them around.

Truly I believe that nothing tops a friend lending you a book because he or she thinks you will love it or telling you to look for someone’s work, it speak volumes of how much they have been paying attention and in a way it allows you to share a more of the world with them (plus it reminds you that you are not hanging around with dummies, which is always a good thing).

The reason that I had, if any, to answer so swiftly and (what could very well be read as) snobby was that I do, with all my heart, love the work of James Jean, but before, I was unable to post about him because I had so many professional blogger rules and that frustrated me.

Yeah, silly me, when I started this blog I kind of promised to never steal images, so I swore to every time ask for permission or at least tell the artist about my handling of his or her images or pictures, that is why I do the whole “can I post about you?” or the “I have posted about you, sorry and thanks” e-mail thing… of course about 99% of the time people answer “sure!” or “Thank you so much!” (the other 1% mostly do not answer), so with time I did become more relax on that process, because nobody, but I, seems to really mind.

So at the beginning (of this blog) I was annoyed with big-time illustrators and painters because reaching them was not that easy, most of my favorite artists were crossed off the Possible-Post list because they were already too well know… James Jean included.

And that is why, I was a little beach towel when I answered my friend’s comment, because I did (and do) want to tell the world about my love for him, only I couldn’t (like a little high school girl forever in love with her best friend, unable to kiss him). Luckily I started to care less and less about the rules; all this lack of sleep and Mexican food is making me a rebel. I finally came to the conclusion that I am not doing something wrong when I post about someone’s work, and so!!! With that! I give you! In honor of my good friend! My favorite five from James Jean!!! Ta-da!!

Hare (Oil on Rives BFK)

Nun (Acrylic on Rives BFK)

Liber Novice (Mixed Media on Canvas)

SKRWL Bubble Boy cover + spine with metallic overlay (acrylic and digital)

James Jean was born in 1979 in Taiwan and lives in California (USA); you can find plenty more of his art, his blog and shop on his official web site (Here), it is a must! I tell you!

Maze (Mixed Media on Rives BFK)


  1. I love all of them and especially the girl holding the maze! I'm glad you decided you weren't doing anything wrong:)xo

  2. Yeah! that one is my favorite! Thanks for the comment!!! : D