Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Collin van der Sluijs and Deep Thoughts

Lately (I think because of all the changes in my life) I have been experiencing really interesting flashbacks of people and places (remembering the things that were meaningful). It’s not nostalgia, not that I want to go back, I love my new present; I think it is more of an acknowledgement that many events and individuals have had a major influence in the making of who I am.

As I was looking at the work of Collin van der Sluijs those ideas came back to me, I am loving his pieces. Looking at his portraits I was wondering if maybe he was thinking the same thing; how we are a mix of places, ideas and things from our past.

I don’t know! I have no proper Art Appreciation degree! I am just a simple blogger!

Collin van der Sluijs is from the Netherlands and has merely 30 years, a baby! (Yes, at my 28 years of age; 30-year olds are starting to look younger and younger). He has had a great deal of exhibitions and  looking at his pieces it is easy to understand why. Here you go:

Portrait 3 (mixed-media on canvas)
Selfportrait (mixed-media on canvas)
Icolated (mixed-media on 300gr. paper)
TRY (mixed-media on 300 grams paper)
For more of his work you can visit his official web page (here), his blog (here), his work page (here) or his Flickr Photostream (here)

Le Secret Derriere Les Yeux (mixed-media on canvas)

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