Saturday, October 9, 2010

My dear 38 followers:

I am writing this on a little coffee shop (on a note pad, because I am yet to have the guts to travel around with my laptop). As I had warned you on past posts I have moved to a new town, I am now another human living in Mexico City (not that this city needs any more individuals). I think it is going to take me several posts to articulate, just how different life around here is from what I would have called normal a few months back, and how outstandingly different it has to be from what you might call your conventional (this city is a mix of so many good and not-so-good things that it is hard to capture in words).

I am writing  this post in an awful little place, our sad version of  Denny’s; this place serves lousy Mexican food and even worst international, but it has been around for so long that people have a nostalgic devotion to it. I am here because it is opened all day and they serve never-ending cups of bad coffee (and bad coffee makes me feel like a writer).

I arrived to my new life on Monday. Tuesday I spent recovering from the trip. On Wednesday I had committed myself to a little job helping out my cousin’s girlfriend; the job was to get props for a commercial, that same day we were already shopping for random things. Thursday I spent going around town buying, renting, borrowing and picking up all types of furniture, mugs, toys, etc. Friday was the shoot (I didn’t get to go, instead I got to go feed the cat of someone how was on the set, yay!) and today I have the task of returning all props to their assigned storage place. 

Sounds fun, no? At least on my third day on the city I was already getting acquainted with some really cool shops (oh, yeah, don’t worry; all of my work I did with a driver, so I never got lost in the city).

So, for today’s work, I got up really early to meet up with my cousin and his girlfriend at 10 am; since I don’t know the city I was out of my home (in a cab) at about 8:05 because normally the commute can be a pain… I got there at 8:30; I forgot that today is a Saturday! There was no traffic! That’s why I am here on a coffee shop, writing a post.

Anyway, I know this text is kind of a ramble, but I guess I am the most tired I have been on a long time…
Here is a song for all of you.

This is Local Natives with World News (video directed by Matthew Lessner)


  1. Bad coffee makes me feel like a writer too :) I think you are brave!

  2. Thank you so much! and Thank you even more for reading!!!! Hugs!! Have a super nice day!